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Cedillo Law Office, PLLC is your source for the best criminal defense lawyer in the local area of Hockley, TX. If you are involved in a criminal case and you need real criminal defense expertise on your side, then Cedillo Law Office, PLLC is the number one option to call in the areas of Hempstead, Wallis, Pattison, Waller, Sealy, Katy and Hockley, TX. Cedillo Law Office, PLLC is your number one go-to source when it comes to making sure that you are treated fairly in the court of law. We have tons of experience when it comes to criminal defense cases.


Accidents happen and if you find yourself being charged with a crime, then you need to make sure that you get the best criminal defense on your side to give yourself the best chance of winning a ruling in your favor. If you go for a lesser experienced criminal defense lawyer, then you can run the risk of getting a large punishment than you were initially hoping for. Cedillo Law Office, PLLC will make sure that we do everything that we can to ensure that you get the fairest trial. We will defend our clients with all the knowledge that we have available.

Cedillo Law Office, PLLC is your source if you are looking for a wills and trusts expert. If you are looking to have a will or trust written, in the case of your untimely death, then we are the best in the area to get it accurately taken care of. You can be certain that we will be able to exceed your expectations in a timely manner. Cedillo Law Office, PLLC can make sure that all your belongings are properly distributed when you pass away to all your family and friends. Contact us if you have any further questions about the services that we can provide.

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