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When a close loved one passes away, you are dealing with high levels of grief and many other emotions. Losing someone who is special to you is one of life's most difficult trials, and it can affect your life emotionally, mentally and even financially. Unfortunately, your stress level during this time can be even higher when you are trying to handle all of the paperwork and financial issues that follow a death. Perhaps your loved one did not make his wishes clear in a will, or maybe family members are all scrambling to try to get as much as possible from the inheritance. Whether there is a will or not, there are legal statutes that provide guidance regarding how these situations should be handled. Utilizing a professional that knows and understands the law is a major asset.


These issues are not easy to deal with, but the process can go much more smoothly when you work with a probate law expert from Cedillo Law Office PLLC. This area of the law deals specifically with the dispersing of a deceased person's property, possessions, and financial assets. Since our law firm is located in Wharton, TX, we are knowledgeable regarding the specific probate laws in Texas that affect your situation.

Having a neutral party deal with inheritance issues is an excellent way to reduce tension and ensure that everyone is treated fairly. Tensions are naturally high during times of high emotion, but your probate law attorney understands how to handle tense situations with calmness and professionalism. When you are grieving, do not add to your emotional strain of attempting to handle all of these issues by yourself. Instead, contact Cedillo Law Office, PLLC to get the professional legal help that you need. Our team will help you with every step of publishing legal notices to distributing funds.







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